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Big Chill Distribution Adopts HighJump 3PL Management Software

HighJump, a global provider of supply chain network solutions, announced that Auckland, New Zealand-headquartered Big Chill Distribution has selected HighJump’s Enterprise third party logistics solution and the associated Pulse data mining and analysis tool to manage the company’s new temperature controlled distribution center.

Big Chill began operations in 1996 with a single truck, operating between Auckland and the seaside community of Tauranga, on North Island’s east coast.  Currently, the firm provides express delivery of chilled and frozen food products throughout New Zealand with a fleet of around 190 line haul and metro trucks and a network of nine regional depots strategically situated on both North and South Islands. Primarily cross-docking hubs, each of these depots also provides a limited amount of chilled and frozen storage capacity.

The new 45,000 square meter Auckland facility is projected to open in early 2017 with 2,000 chilled and 2,200 frozen pallet spaces, with the HighJump software serving as the logistics management platform. The HighJump software will provide Big Chill with precise detailed information on customers’ product from the time it is logged into the facility, throughout its time in storage and through the picking and outbound staging and loading processes.

Big Chill selected the HighJump solution based on its outstanding richness of functionality, its scalability and its third party logistics/customer facing approach.

“We were looking for a 3PL-focused warehouse management solution with rich, flexible functionality that could accommodate varied and unique needs of multiple potential customers,” said Scott Anderson, the company’s national supply chain manager. “Our requirements mandated a well-established, best practice WMS solution as well as a customer-focused alerts/communication management portal.”

Key elements in the search included superior inventory control and traceability as well as in-storage visibility and order management, Anderson said, “Inclusion of the HighJump Pulse module will provide us with flexible and detailed labor productivity and visibility information. We feel confident that HighJump will be able to meet our expectations as we continue to expand both in terms of space and services.”

“With this new high tech facility, Big Chill is branching out from its transportation origins into best practices warehousing,” Anderson said. “After our initial roll-out in Auckland, we will further deploy into our South Island operations in Christchurch.”

“We are honored to be part of Big Chill’s transformative expansion program,” said Joe Couto, chief operating officer of the HighJump Logistics Group. “Our software will play a major role not only in allowing Big Chill to service its existing clientele more effectively and profitably, but will also provide a solid platform on which to base its ambitious expansion plans.”