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DHL Express to open new facility in Singapore

Germany-based logistic company DHL Express will open a fully automated facility in Singapore in the first quarter to support its Central Asia hub in Hong Kong.

The new facility centre will involve an investment of US$96 million.

“We rely heavily on Europe and US. But Asia has been growing continuously. And so within the first quarter we will be opening our new facility in Singapore. That will provide the Central Asia Hub more support to expand its volume. We are really growing here so I need relief to bypass some of the cargo,’’ said DHL general manager of the Central Asia Hub, Tony Khan.

DHL is interested in expanding its Central Asia Hub but faces challenges like parking slots, land and employment. “Maybe the parking slots are available but not in the timings that we want. It is a challenge faced by us but that will be addressed with the third runway. I am really looking forward to that.  With the two runways we are very productive, with the third runway I am sure we will have more growth,” Khan added.

“The airport authority has developed 28 parking slots in the West Apron expansion so hopefully some of the airlines will get diverted there providing us more parking slots. But I need parking slots here in the cargo area, if you give me further that will affect my productivity and connectivity,” he further added.

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