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FinTech hub marks its presence in Singapore

LATTICE80, a not-for-profit FinTech Hub, has opened an innovation facility in Singapore’s central business district. The new two level facility has been incepted with the aim of supporting FinTech firms with product development, testing and go-to-market strategies.

LATTICE80 measures more than 30,000 square feet and features an open event space with the capacity to host 250 people, a private and public lounge, semi-open and open-plan offices, a cafe, boardrooms, meeting rooms, a podcast studio and a nursing room.

Till date, more than 20 foreign and local FinTech companies and associations at varying stages of growth have signed up to be based at the facility. Solution types being worked on by these firms include blockchain, robo-advisors, trading systems, online marketplaces, financial education, cognitive computing, big data analytics and fund management.

LATTICE80 has partnered with key financial and technology players such as IBM, UOB, KPMG, MatchMove, Singapore Fintech Consortium, Femtechleaders SG and Metropolitan Management Services to provide solutions and services like APIs, cloud technology and blockchain to support companies.

Moreover, the National University of Singapore will work closely with LATTICE80 to shape the curriculum for FinTech. It will also involve roll outs of training and capability development programmes, particularly in the areas of cyber security, payment gateway and developing dynamic mobile applications.

Joe Seunghyun Cho, CEO, LATTICE80 said, “We want to create a platform that can support the FinTech ecosystem in Asia and form bridges that link to global players. We’re serious about fostering connections with the technology and financial communities here in Singapore and globally. We’re co-creating the future of innovation, banking and finance in Singapore and considering the enthusiastic group of start-ups we have today, I’m very confident that we have the foundation to create a truly unique world-class community.”

Companies aboard LATTICE80 include Spark Systems, which is building new generation trading platforms for hedge funds, banks, financial institutions and other high volume institutional participants in the foreign exchange market, and Percipient, a Singapore-based startup which has developed a customized digital solution for the State Bank of India.