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Fujitsu collaborates with DHL to target IoT

In order to improve safety for emergency services, both, DHL and Fujitsu plan to jointly develop IoT solutions. Japanese ICT firm Fujitsu announced a strategic partnership with DHL Supply Chain U.K. to develop new services based on wearable technology and the ‘internet of things’.

According to the terms and conditions of the partnership, Fujitsu will share its expertise to jointly develop solutions designed to improve safety for emergency services. Fujitsu and DHL also plan to use the partnership to drive the creation of new markets in other sectors, such as airline logistics.

The use of wearable and IoT technology such as Fujitsu Ubiquitousware is said to enable emergency services to track the health of individuals in the field through a dashboard showing their status and location. This technology is also said to provide real-time tracking for the location of protective equipment.

Paul Richardson, MD, specialist services as DHL Supply Chain U.K said, “As the global logistics leader, we constantly seek out innovations that improve our customers’ lives. Wearable technology is going to transform the way we work, helping us understand the dynamics of what’s happening around us and providing real-time insight on our environment as never before.”

In a separate project, Fujitsu is working with DHL to support the deployment of GlobeRanger IoT scanning and sensor technologies for airline duty free logistics. Following a successful proof of concept, the project is forecast to deliver annual labor savings of more than $564,000 (530,000 euros) and a 59% return on investment for the organisation.