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Lenovo Unveils Transit App in China

Technology is making breakthrough inventions not just to save time but also for making human life easier and simpler.

Lenovo, in tandem with the electronic payment and settlement service provider BMAC (Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card), has made one such breakthrough for easy travel. The company has commercially launched its transit application in China.

The service is supported on Lenovo X3 smartphones driven by the eSE PEARL by OT (Oberthur Technologies). With OT’s NFC embedded Secure Element, consumers will now be able to use their Lenovo X3 smartphone to install the Beijing Municipal Administration Traffic Card in their Lenovo Transit application and commute simply by waving their phone in front of contactless transit terminals.

PEARL by OT is depicted as the highly developed embedded Secure Element on the market. It offers a yet unattained level of security and the largest memory on the market. It allows easy deployment of secure mobile contactless payment, transit, governmental and automotive applications, as well as secure access to online services for enterprise and consumer markets.

Lenovo Transit App

Via its China Secure Hub, a platform used to connect handset makers and their partners in different cities in China, OT also securely ensures the connectivity between Lenovo and BMAC’s TSM provider, Beijing eNFC science and technology.

In addition to its eSE, OT provides its Key Management System to Lenovo to manage security domains on the eSE in which partners can securely load, install and run their applications.

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