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Liu Jo opens key South-east Asia Flagship Boutique

Italian fashion brand Liu Jo that has 130 boutiques in Italy and 110 stores worldwide in Europe and Asia, has opened its key South-east Asia flagship boutique store in Singapore.

The label enjoys a huge global presence in 50 countries through a distribution network. This network includes more than 350 mono-brand points of sales and 5000 multi-brand outlets.

The new boutique is spread over 3305 sqft and it retains the brand’s innovative curio retail concept. It highlights valuable metals in a modern, modest design, putting the spotlight on Liu Jo’s brand codes and signature eclectic style.

This new retail space features an extensive selection of the brand’s ready-to-wear and accessories. It showcases the Liu Jo Black Label Collection, Liu Jo White Label Collection, Liu Jo Blue Denim Collection, Liu Jo Gold Label Collection, Liu Jo Sport, Les Plumes de Liu Jo, Liu Jo Accessories and Liu Jo Shoes, as well as Liu Jo Eyewear and Liu Jo Fragrances.

With an aim to increase its global presence and strengthen its market share Liu Jo sees this boutique as a key step. In Europe and Asia the brand is distributed by the Liu Jo Asia Pacific company.



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