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LMF Korea 2016 : Platform to Overcome Challenges in eCommerce and Fulfilment

The Asian edition of Last Mile Fulfilment Korea 2016 organised by SingEx Exhibitions under the aegis of Korea International Exhibition & Convention Centre (KINTEX) established a foundation stone for the Korean eCommerce that is gradually escalating newer heights. LMF Korea was designed with an aim to carve solutions to address the coming challenges in eCommerce and fulfillment and in achieving exponential market growth.

LMF K2016

Saturated marketplace, dearth of manpower and technological constraints, especially in the last mile and cross-border fulfillment, has limited the growth of eCommerce companies and retailers.

 The theme for the inaugural issue of LMF Korea 2016 was “Maximising Korea’s eCommerce Potential through Last Mile Fulfilment”. The event focused on market-specific insights into Korea and South East Asia – consumer consumption patterns; successful eCommerce platforms; fulfilment Strategies and logistics Infrastructure, cross-border opportunities and fulfilment strategies. Apart from this, innovative solutions in warehouse management, inventory tracking, packaging, system integrators were also some of the major topics that were addressed during the show.

LMF K 2016

While speaking on the occasion, Frank Kang, Chief Executive Officer, Althea, expressed, “It was my honor to speak at LMF Korea, sharing valuable conversation in front of many experts in the logistics world and different industries. It was a great opportunity to network with new and existing partners as well.”

Toeing the same line, Joseph Yuen, Board Chairman, Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce said, “Last Mile Fulfillment Korea is indeed a great platform to provide face to face interaction with industry leaders. Korea is a very unique market in eCommerce which should draw more attention from rest of the world. The event gives an excellent opportunity for visitor to gain exposure in the Korea eCommerce market”

LMF K 2016

The business platform brought together retailers, eCommerce companies, and the fulfilment industry (warehouses, fulfilment centres, and last mile delivery companies) under one roof to share a global issue Besides helping the players in increasing their network, the major objective of the show was to improve in-market fulfilment for Korea’s eCommerce market as well as to establish cross-border eCommerce channels between Korea and South East Asia markets.

Cindy Yun, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ATRIA International said, “I truly believe LMF is an important conference for eCommerce, platform and logistic/fulfillment related businesses to help to connect, gather information, share insights to enhance our next generation of Last Mile innovation with technology convergence for cross border. Thank you for your tremendous support to make the world connect with real insights and right circle of networks!”

LMF K 2016

LMF Korea was a knowledge sharing platform that offered optimum opportunities to the all the participants. “It is great for eCommerce industry to gather in LMF Korea 2016 to share knowledge on best practices in logistics, postal and parcel delivery. I do believe that businesses and government offices in Asia can collaborate to drive cross-border ecommerce as well as fulfillment services forward” Nguyen Thuy Anh, Head of Training and Propaganda Division, Vietnam E-Commerce and IT Agency (VECITA)

Joungbum Rhyu, Chief Executive Officer, MeshKorea expressed the same views about the show. He said, “It was great to be part of such a wonderful and meaningful event. For us, LMF Korea was definitely one event in the year which we did not wanted to miss and as a result we were able to discover new business opportunities and build strong partnerships with clients from all over the world. We hope such events come by more often in Korea and it will be our pleasure to be part of LMF in the future. I really thought the event was highly successful in terms of giving space for networking and direct business partnerships. I think it would be interesting to see more of a discussion about future collaborations among companies and clients in the field and possibly have sessions where needs from both sides can be directly communicated amongst last-mile community.”

LMF K 2016

The event offered a platform to the experts and critics from the industry to exchange their ideas and insights on current challenges, future trends, innovative solutions and best practices for seamless in-market and cross-border fulfillment. It also assisted the industry stakeholders to establish new contacts and build new business synergies with numerous players. Besides the opportunities, the show showcased innovative products, solutions and services for business leads and building new partnerships.

Believing the same, Sophia Lee, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, S Lab, said, “It was a great opportunity to meet the teams who are willing to approach SAE market in Korea. We shared sights and some of them became our valuable partner.”

“LMF Korea was a unique opportunity to get first hand introductions to Korean brands and distributors. For an eCommerce company, LMF is an asset when it comes to sourcing – and as proven to be of great value for WearYouWant,” Martin Toft Sørensen, Co-Founder and Managing Director, wearyouwant.com

With eCommerce becoming a crucial part of regional expansion channel to grow market reach for the retailers and brand owners, LMFKorea 2016 offered the bridge to fill in the market gap with an unprecedented platform to address challenges that retailers face in e-payment; m-payment; warehousing; automation; cross-border fulfilment of orders and many more.




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