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Lulu opens sixth hypermarket in Kuwait

Middle East retail major Lulu Group has opened its 6th hypermarket in Kuwait. Located at Sama Mall, the new 150,000-sq-ft Lulu hypermarket will serve the residents of Egaila and its surrounding areas with a one-stop shopping destination for the growing city dwellers, which include Nationals and Expatriate community.

The hypermarket will have a wide range of quality and value-for-money products under one roof.  The product mix will also include a wide selection of premium UK and US goods, including special products air-flown for freshness. The outlet has also introduced inaugural offers and deals for a range of products at attractive prices.

The group has also plans to open 4 new hypermarkets in various regions of the Country in the next two years in a phased manner.

“Kuwait has always been a preferred destination for us because of its stable political environment and promising market,” Yusuffali MA, Chairman of Lulu, said.

Regardless of the challenges arising from the unstable oil prices, Yussufali expressed optimism on the economic outlook of the country. “We’re very optimistic based on the circumstances in general. The impact of fluctuating oil prices is not going to distract us from the long-term goals of our business in Kuwait,” he further added.

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