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Oregon is Amazon’s new Store Destination

On an expansion spree, Amazon — one of the major online retail giants has chosen Oregon as the location for its third brick and mortar store. The company is all set to open the new store in Tigard, at the upscale Washington Square mall, just outside Portland.

Out of the other two stores, the first one houses in Seattle’s University Village mall and the second one is at San Diego’s Westfield UTC mall.

When it comes to choosing locations to expand its business reach, it appears that the retailer is choosing sites that house Apple stores, as such locations are frequently visited by university students and have higher retailing prospects.

There are no clues as of now whether the company would increase the product basket at the Oregon store or not, but it has been noted that array of Amazon’s electronic devices have been displayed in the Seattle store and have also been given prominent placement.

Portland is home to a thriving community of booksellers, including one of the region’s most beloved, Powell’s Books. Cashing on the same, the new store is on a hiring spree as several job openings are listed on the company’s employment website.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos had lately said in a statement that the e-commerce giant is “definitely” opening more stores. The number, as in how many stores will be opened, wasn’t disclosed!

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