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Pokemon Go Device Ventures in Japan

Pokemon Go has undeniably created frenzy across the globe and has taken the virtual (mobile) space by storm. The fancy for the free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game is such, that news for the device launch made hundreds of people stand in long queues outside the stores in Japan to acquire the Pokemon Go Plus device.

Pokemon Go Plus

In Osaka, around 700 people waited anxiously outside a Pokemon Centre shop to procure the device. The enthusiasm was such that the store had to be opened at 8 am, which is two hours earlier than the usual opening time.

Pokemon Go

The remarkable feature of the Pokemon Go Plus device allows Pokemon Go players to interact with the mobile game without looking at the phone. Pokemon Go Plus is a gadget similar to a wristwatch but attached with a clip that connects to the game.

The device, which costs around US$35 (A$47), is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. The device notifies the player through LED light and vibrations whenever there is a ‘poke stop’ or a Pokemon nearby. This notification can be easily captured by pressing the device button with no any need for the phone.

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