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Singapore to have first Pizza Serving Robot

The time has come when your Pizza Hut serviceman seems like a robot, you may have stumbled into Singapore and a near future in retail commerce.

MasterCard the credit card giant will deploy an actual robot in one lucky Pizza Hut location in Singapore before the end of this year. The Robot will not only engage with customers, but will also help them fulfil their pizza cravings by guiding them through a purchase and assisting them in completing a mobile transaction.

Softbank Robotics’ (formerly Aldebaran) adorable and emotive 4-foot-tall robot (Pepper) is finally getting an Android SDK and would soon be going to America.

Because Pepper is a conversational robot and MasterCard designed the interaction to be human-like, there won’t necessarily be any efficiency gains from shopping with a robot, but If all goes well, yes, MasterCard wants pizza-selling robots to proliferate in Asia Pacific and beyond.

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