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Skilled Logistics Staff – Key for Future Success

With the rise in E-commerce the profit sharing of supply chain and logistics player in Asian countries is also likely to grow. And this will give rise to the demand for skilled supply chain and logistics workers. With the current scenario, it is expected to rise by 20 per cent over the next two years.

To handle the new technology and refined structure, logistics players will increasingly need workers who can handle new modes of supply chain management. With the Big players like Alibaba & Amazon starting investing in Last mile fulfilment to desired growth, automated logistics system sector has incurred $30 million of investment, compiling the need to upgrade according to the competition.

Report says only in Singapore, logistics sector employs 192,600 professionals which are growing on daily basis with rising internet connectivity. To cope up with the customer expectations, the logistics providers may have to modify their business models to serve new and emerging needs.

Mr Kenneth Koo, associate director of supply chain and logistics at Spring Professional (Singapore), said that the demand for creative new supply chain talents is rising and this competition will make more expensive than anticipated to hire these people.

Though it will be a challenge for the companies to retain staff and the need for developing comprehensive staff talent and retention plans will be there but the growth is going in to the favour of talented people working in this sector.

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