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Korea’s Mangosix Ventures in Japan

Mangosix, one of the most famous Korean cafe chains, has ventured into the Japanese market and has opened its first branch in Japan, in Don Quijote Miyakojima store in Nishisato, Hirara, in Okinawa. Miyako-jima Island is a renowned place for its mangoes and this is the reason why the company decided to open its first store there.

Mango juice being its chief product, the chain incepted in 2011 and today it has about 230 outlets in Asia, Europe and the US.

Mangosix has endeavored in to an experimental phase, and for the first time, it will offer ice brewed coffee at the new store in Japan. It uses Milkissimo’s gelato from Hokkaido for sweets and coffee toppings.

According to an official statement, the company aims to open 30 stores in Japan and it aspires to achieve this target within the next three years.