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MatahariStore.com Commenced by Matahari Department Store

With Google and Temasek showing that e-commerce will contribute to nearly 60 percent of Indonesia’s overall online market, leaving behind online ticketing and ride-hailing booking services, introduction of MatahariStore.com has provided more opportunities for the company and for the development of online and retail industries in Indonesia.

Christian Kurnia, Director- Merchandising and Marketing, Matahari Department Store said, “Through the retail stores, mobile applications and now with the newly-launched online platform, we believe that we can become an omni-channel retail player.”

MatahariMall.com will run all MatahariStore.com transactions and will provide content, a secure payment system and delivery of products. The website will also implement an online to offline strategy which allows customers to shop online and pick up their goods at the retailer’s nearest delivery hub with features that allow customers to pay, receive and return products at any of Mataharimall.com’s 649 delivery hubs across Indonesia.